Hoagies and Grinders, Hoagies and Grinders, Navy Beans, Navy Beans, Meatloaf Sandwich. SLOPPY JOES SLOP-SLOPPY JOES!!

farley[1].jpgThis week, we were invited by Max and Lucy to come dine with them at School for lunch. Their treat. It was sweet and all, but I was hoping to avoid this. First of all, I’d be surrounded by small children. And then there’s the food. I didn’t want to see the food my kids were eating. But, they persisted throughout the week, so I suckered, woops, I mean, waited until Ricardo could go, and so, on Friday, we dined out, First Grade style.
We allow our kids to eat a “hot” lunch. I use “hot” in quotes because my tatertots were cold. The sound advice we go from on that is to let them eat lunch at school, and then make that make you accountable for cramming the vegetables and healthy food down their throats for breakfast, snack and dinner. Consider that and the cost of a sack lunch from home about $3 versus the cost of a “hot” lunch: $1.80. Add in the fact that it’s one less thing I have to grocery shop for or panic over in the mad rush morning craziness, and you have yourself a deal. Go and eat the school food. And that’s our strategy now.
We had to figure out this whole lunch routine by asking the kids questions. I’ll spare you the pain of quizzing a Kindergartner and now First Grader on the protocol of lunch time and just give you the research data. These kids get 20 minutes of lunch time. They tell their teacher which of the offered entrees they want first thing in the morning. At lunchtime, they go through the line, give the cashier their number and then get their tray of requested entree cuisine. They also have a choice of chocolate milk or regular milk and once a week, they get crazy and throw in a choice of strawberry milk. OOOOH! The entree is the main gig plus a carb. Seriously. So, I had a buffalo chicken wrap and 5 tater tots. Then they move on to the cart with the fruits and veggies. This is where I have my problem with this system. Are you serious? You’re going to throw a hot dog or pizza and cold tater tots on a tray along with chocolate milk and let them CHOOSE whether they’ll even stop at the veggie & fruit cart? Seriously.
Oh my God, I’m my mother.
But really, giving the kid a choice of hitting the fruit and veggies blows me away. Until I went and ate with them. And I saw every single one of those suckers get salad or fruit and veggies. And they ate it all. I was so impressed. I was even more impressed that it wasn’t pears and peaches drowning in syrup. It was fresh and yummy.
So the food and their system got my seal of approval. Getting those kids in, through the line, fed, and then trays cleaned off, trash in the can and trays to the cleaning area _ it’s a well_oiled machine. I need to come in more often and take notes.
The kids were fairly good to me. I know those little suckers can smell fear. And yes, I realize I have two of them squirming around me. But 200 of them _ makes me nervous. The kid next to me I think has the sweets on Lucy and was totally winning me over. I’d feel this tap on my shoulder and then, “I ate all of my carrots, see?”
Then a few seconds later, tap, tap, tap. “Sometimes, when I have a little extra money, i give it to the poor.”
Not even kidding, I wish that kid could run for president now. Hillarious and virtuous. And yet, it did sound like he was campaigning a bit.
I was a little ticked to see my kids acting so well, and actually sitting and eating their food. At home, keeping them from choking while making animal noises with a carrot and some milk seems to be our biggest feat. That and keeping them strapped down in their chairs. “Mommy, why do we have to wear seat belts at the dinner table?”
Sigh. Because that’s how I roll, kid.

4 thoughts on “Hoagies and Grinders, Hoagies and Grinders, Navy Beans, Navy Beans, Meatloaf Sandwich. SLOPPY JOES SLOP-SLOPPY JOES!!

  1. Oh, Wise One. I recalled your feelings on hot lunch just a few weeks ago as I looked at the lunch menu… “pizza. chicken patties. cheese munchers w/pizza sauce. tacos. pizza. nachos. chicken nuggets. pizza sticks. and so on” I’m over it and I fill him up with the good stuff when he’s home. thank you for your sound advice, my sister in above-average heightness.

  2. “Above average height”? How about FREAKISH height? ……… Ohhh… I guess I’m in that category too ….